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For example:

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If you need separate scope, you could try ng-controller. ng-init in Angularjs:: ng-init should use for only aliasing, ng-init SHOULD NOT be used for any initialization. onload in Angularjs :: onload should be used if any expression needs to be evaluated after a partial view is loaded (by ng-include). You can use a directive. @Directive ( { selector: 'ngInit', exportAs: 'ngInit' }) export class NgInit { @Input () values: any = {}; @Input () ngInit; ngOnInit () { if (this.ngInit) { this.ngInit (); } } } you can use it to pass a function to be called like.

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Syntax of AngularJS ng-init Directive The AngularJS ng-init directive facilitates you to evaluate the given expression in the current scope. Ng-controller is preferred over ng-init because the ng-init directive can add some unnecessary logic into the scope. It is supported by all HTML elements. ng-init does not create a new scope, it evaluates an expression in the current scope.

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The ng-app directive initializes AngularJS and makes the specified element a root element … AngularJS directives are used to extend HTML. They are special attributes starting with ng-prefix.Let us discuss the following directives −. ng-app − This directive starts an AngularJS Application.. ng-init − This directive initializes application data..


Now if we use the multiple commands of the Angular CLI, we are going to be using yarn instead of npm.
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a) Taglagas b) Taglamig c) Tagsibol d) Tag-init 2) Anong panahon ng pagkalagas  -41,7 +41,7 @@. class="form-inline" ng-class="rowClass(account)". ng-repeat="account in accountsCtrl.accounts | orderBy:'name'" ng-init="account.getSolds()">. ng-scope" ng-controller="FollowController as vm" ng-init="vm.csrf = 'c6ef100094b9ee8de2e0db1c45eaeaecad67e64935d975e090b041b061ff22ee';">. TABI! MAINIT!

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It is invoked only once when the directive is instantiated. 2020-10-05 The ng-init directive is added to our div tag to define a variable called "chapters" which is an array variable containing 3 strings. The ng-repeat element is used by declaring an inline variable called "names" and going through each element in the chapters array. Angularjs ng-init with multiple values example. In angularjs we can initialize multiple variable values using ng-init directive during starting of application. The "data-ng-init" are used to initialize the application data and it's also called to ng-init and does not create a new scope and it's used to evaluate an expressions in the current scope.